Welcome from Iowa's own Dog Whisperer . . . Des Moines, IA 2021

I am Tonja Osborn, with my husband Chuck Osborn.  The very first time we meet your dog, you’ll see a huge positive change in your dog’s attitude.  You’ll leave our Class with a smile on your face;  and, your dog's tail wagging. This is the most fun you can have with your dog, and still consider it productive dog training. 

Through positive reinforcement, we’ll show you how to create a happy, balanced dog, that’s a joy to be with at home, and out in public. 

And, we’ll teach you how fun, and easy, dog training can be. Whether you need puppy training, or have an adult dog that needs an obedience refresher, it should be mutually rewarding for your team.   

At Canine Training by Mystic Moon, Inc. we offer a wealth of knowledge on dog behavior. We have 61 years worth of combined experience.  We have educated ourselves from the best world level, training professionals. 

 Frustrated By Your Dog's Behavior?

play bite                           play nip

barking                            stealing

chewing                           jumping up

digging                             house breaking

mouthing                         separation anxiety

destructive                       lack of focus in public

rough play                       escapes from your yard

disobedience                   unruly manners at your front door


 We teach -

*    Manners & Socialization      Puppy & Adult 

*    Obedience                              Agility

*    Conformation                         Prep:  Canine Good Citizen      

*    Behavior Modification            Pet & Competitive

*    All Levels of Agility               Games


Spring Break? Business Trip?  Vacation?  Don't have time?

Here's a sweet deal for you!  I'll train your dog for you!

Education is important, for pups & dogs.


Board & Train -  2 weeks     Bachelor's Degree    $1,399

                              3 weeks      Master's Degree      $1,999

                              4 weeks      Ph.D Degree            $2,599

                              Additional weeks, per week      $700                  


You wonder why I train Sight Hounds?   If they were easy to train, all dog trainers would have one.  

Sight Hounds never forget how you treated / mis-treated them.    

Shine, Ibizan Hound