Dalmatian - Sirius Cavell

Sirius "Cavell"

Look at all these Titles!

Dalmatian were bred to run with horse drawn carriages, which requires high energy and stamina. Few people know, they were also there to protect the owners and horses from wolves and highway robbers, which means a fearless, protective temperament. So, let's review - high energy, stamina, fearless, protective, and head strong.

Cavell was my very first Agility dog.  Thank goodness he was very forgiving as I learned, and made dozens of mistakes.


  • CGC
  • CD in Obedience             (ranked 9th Nationally)
  • CGC / TDI
  • NA Agility
  • OA in Agility                   (ranked 3rd Nationally)
  • NAJ Agility
  • OAJ Agility



  • FFX-O Gold Award      (3 consecutive scores of 190 +)   
  • AG-I Agility
  • AG-II Agility
  • Championship Agility
  • Championship Excellent Agility



  • NA Agility
  • NAG Agility
  • NJC Agility
  • OGC Agility
  • OJC Agility