Ibizan Hound - Cierra

 Dual CH. Serandida's Elusive Sorocco  "Cierra"  


Look at all these titles!  A Sight Hound?  Yep! 


  • Conformation Championship     3 - 5 point majors
  • + Judges Award of Merit          National Specialty
  • CGC / TDI
  • Junior Coursing (Field Trial)
  • NA Agility                              (ranked 1st Nationally)
  • OA Agility                              (ranked 1st Nationally)



  • AG-I Agility                           (ranked 1st Nationally)
  • AG-II Agility                          (ranked 1st Nationally)
  • FFX-O Platinum                  Dog World Award   first 3 times in the Obedience Ring
  •                                              earning 3 consecutive scores of 197, 195 1/2, 199.


  • NA Agility                           (ranked 1st Nationally)
  • NJC Agility                          (ranked 1st Nationally)



  • Schutzhund BH Obedience/Temperament   No way? Yes! A Sight Hound.
  • There were "traditional Schutzhund / Personal Protection competitor" there, that did not qualify that day. 


  • Field Championship         (8 - 1st Place, 7 - Best of Breed) 


The Ibizan Hound - originally developed on the Island of Ibiza

(off the coast of Spain) for the hunting of  wild game.  

They are very cat like in attitude, and are known to be independent.