Services Offered



 9 happy dogs & 9 happy dog owners.

Advanced Class

Farmers’ Market, Valley Jct., Des Moines, IA



Public Classes - stop jumping up, barking, nipping/biting, training 

                                for kennel, heel, sit, down, not your's, here, eyes, 

                                touch, potty training, and so much more.


Behavior Modification Seminars - pup, adult, rescue,

                                                               pet, & competition 


                                           Please check my Credentials link.                           


*   Manners - Puppy & Adult, Obedience & Socialization

The first time I meet your dog, you’ll see a huge change in your dog’s behavior.  Trust me!

This Class is a great foundation for you to bond with your dog; and, for your dog to learn English, and basic obedience. While teaching your dog (who doesn’t know me) I’ll demonstrate sit, drop, here, be nice, come, house breaking tips, and much, much more. Class size is limit so we can spend plenty of time with each student. 


*   Advanced & Competition Class

Let’s train your dog, so you can take that leash off, and trust your dog to stick with you.  This Class has major distractions.  This class will also greatly enhance your handling skills in therapy, conformation, obedience, agility, etc. 


*   Continued Education Class  

This class will greatly enhance your handling skills in public, teaching off leash handling.  Training with minimal to moderate distractions.This class is conducted in the real world…Valley Junction Farmer's Market, malls, grocery store parking lots, etc. My goal is to provide opportunities to safely socialize your dog in (what appears to be) “unpredictable” situations. Also, I will teach you how to be a “pro” active leader, instead of a “re” active follower. Your dog handling confidence will soar. Trust me!


*   Educational Demonstrations - No charge!

Schools, or other Youth Groups, at no charge (subject to Tonja’s availability.

                            Please check my Credentials link.