Borzoi - Dezi

Ravenwolf's Mystic Moon, "Dezi"



Dezi /is a young female Borzoi, and has achieved much before her second birthday.  She shows a serious eager work ethic, and drive to perform.  That is uncommon for this breed. The reason she is such a good worker? The methods by which I raised her as a puppy.  She has 4 legs, a tail, and she barks . . . therefore, she is trainable.  And, these are the same methods I use on all dogs.  Calm like a leader, sincere encouragement . . . and lots of  lovin', huggin', and kissin'.  


  • CGC / TDI


  • Field pointed


  • AG-I FFX Agility               (all 3 perfect 200 score)

  • AG-II FFX Agility              (all 3 perfect 200 score)

  • AG-CH FFX Agility           (all runs perfect scores)

  • FFX-O Platimun             (all 3 perfect scores)
  • FFX-A Platimun             (all 3 perfect scores)
  • Numerous extra legs     just for the fun of it!


A Borzoi herding goats?  Dezi did great!